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Hi, I'm KT!

Also known as Khuong Truong, I've been a professional software developer since 1999 with a passion for software and technology. My background includes all major and mainstream software technology including database, web applications, Windows programming, security and networking.

My dream is to build a foundation for everyone to grow and maximize their talent.

My expertise is Software & Web Development, however, I do many event video and photography portfolio you can see here


This is a short history of my passion in computer and software and where I am now:


The first time I ever saw a computer

My family were very poor, I was 11 year old, helping my family sell newspaper and food on the street in Saigon. I never thought I would be lucky enough to play with a computer until one day, a generous stranger gave me a large amount of money so I can take this computer class with her. With such an opportunity, I took that class very seriously and my love for computer begin to grows. We were using Microsoft Windows 3.0 on an Intel 386 processor and I checked out all the software that was available during that time.

We came to America

This was the best moment in my life, at age 14, arriving in America, I knew what an opporunity I had and promised myself to become somebody. This was a dream come true and I can say so for every Vietnamese person at that time. At this time I know quite a bit about computer but my knowledge exploded when I joined the online computer community through different BBS forums. I begin to learn advance computer skills like Assembly (machine language) and debugging/cracking software, and software developement using C language.

Made my first online game

I was working for a graphic design company and made a popular game playable on my website called Karo (5 in a row) similar to tic-tac-toe. It was done in JavaScript and the graphic was impressive at the time. I also made a dynamic website with JavaScript and Flash which made me very popular. I finished high school in 3.5 years and started college early, at this time I was working at the Graphic Design company, going to college, and had maintained my photo restoration business at the same time. I never stopped researching about computers and software technology, I go to the bookstore almost every week to check out the new magazines and books about computers.

KLA-Tencor hired me for their Software Development team

Programmers were in high demand and I was pulled out of college and paid a high sallary to work as a developer for KLA-Tencor. We made defects analisys software for semiconductor manufacturing company. At the age of 20, I was traveling to France, Japan, Taiwan, all over the world to setup specialized software and configure servers for multi-billion dollar fabrication companies.

Founded KT Electronics

I resigned from KLA-Tencor so I can pursue my dream of owning my own software/hardware company. KT Electronics is still one of the fastest growing and most technologically advanced electronics repair company in Silicon Valley. We repair all of Apple products, Sony Playstation 3, Xbox, all laptops, Nintendos. We specialize in component level water damage repairs. We currently have 20 employee all specialized for the work they do.

Co-founded Alum Rock Studio

I am the owner and co-founder of Alum Rock Studio. We also have Vinne Verite as a partner and Valnie Huynh as creative director among many other members who put in their hard work and dedications to acheive the same goal: to share interests and work with the best people in this area. Our studio is open to everyone who wants to do professional work without having to open their own studio and worry about the stress of managing it. Our prices are great for pros and novice alike.